Do you want to know how to maximise nutrient intake to fuel your sport? Do you train hard but unsure of how to navigate nutrition on race day? Is nutrition the missing component in achieving optimal performance? Are you confused by all the nutrition information/diets/supplements out there and how to apply that to YOU - the athlete?

If that sounds like you, then you've come to the right place!

My goal is to help you understand, create, discover and take charge of your own nutrition path. I want to educate and empower you with all the necessary tools to bring you a step closer to your goals.

When it comes to nutrition, there are SO many mix messages out there. Athletes are not your typical person on the street. The biggest mistake I see athletes make is jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to trendy diets/supplements that can potentially come at the cost of performance and health.

I am here to FILL that gap. This is where you can find sound, scientific and practical evidence-based nutrition advice for athletes, specifically endurance athletes. This guide can be applied across different disciplines - 10km, 15km, half marathon (21.1km), full marathon (42.2km), triathlons (sprint, olympic distance, half- and full ironman), Hyrox and OCRs.

Training and nutrition definitely go hand in hand to elicit the necessary metabolic and functional adaptations to achieve peak performance. Endurance training can be demanding. A proper nutrition plan can ensure that sufficient energy is delivered and the right recovery strategies are in place to optimise training adaptations and minimise fatigue. 

Your goal as an athlete is to ensure that you are employing nutrition methods that will meet all your nutritional needs to support health and performance. 

Through this course, you will be able to personalise and tailor nutrition plans that will be unique to you as an individual and your event!


Dietitian and Nutritionist - Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Sydney); Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Dietitian and Nutritionist (MSc)

Adele Wong

Adele Wong is a part-time fitness coach and a full-time dietitian at Nutrition Track. Through Nutrition Track, she desires to educate and empower individuals to make good nutrition choices. She is also passionate about spreading and communicating evidence-based health, fitness and nutrition information. Appreciating the fact that everyone is on their unique health journey, she uses an integrated approach, taking into account lifestyle, fitness and overall wellbeing. Adele truly understands the importance of an individualised approach and desires to help individuals create and take charge of their own nutrition path. Adele has helped hundreds of clients optimise their nutrition by helping them build better habits and improving their relationship with food. Apart from work, Adele is actively involved in leading community runs and workouts. Find out more about her on her Instagram @adelewlp

Course Highlights

  • Evidence-Based

    Knowledge and recommendations that are backed by science!

  • Fun Learning

    Effective learning through infographics, tables, videos, written info, guides and Q&A sessions!

  • Lifetime Access

    One-time purchase! It will always be there if you ever need a refresher!

  • Updates

    This course will be updated from time to time so that you will always have access to the latest info!

  • Exclusive Support Group

    Need additional support? We are here for you!

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome Video!

    • Introduction

    • Course Outline

  2. 2
    • Importance of Healthy Eating

    • How Athletes Should View Nutrition

    • Macronutrients and Micronutrients

    • Key Micronutrients

  3. 3
    • Key Aspects of an Athlete's Diet

    • Energy Intake, Energy Balance and Weight

    • Carbohydrate

    • Protein

    • Fat

    • Food Source Table

  4. 4
    • Introduction

    • Calculating Individual Energy Needs

    • Meal Frequency and Timing

    • Pre- and Post-Training Nutrition

    • Sample Meal Plan Template


    • Everyday Nutrition - How to Build a Healthy Meal

    • Pantry Essentials and Quick Meal Builder Guide

  5. 5
    • Fluid Balance

    • Daily Fluid Needs

    • Fluid and Electrolytes

    • Sports Drinks

    • Overhydration

  6. 6
    • Introduction

    • Carbohydrate Loading

    • Different Types of Carbohydrates

    • Pre-Event Meal

    • During Event

    • Post-Event

  7. 7
    • Introduction

    • Training the Gut

    • Low FODMAP

  8. 8
    • What are Supplements?

    • Creatine

    • Caffeine

    • Protein

    • ß-alanine

    • Sodium Bicarbonate

    • Nitrates

  9. 9
    • What is RED-S?

    • Impact on Performance

    • Possible Signs and Symptoms

    • Strategies to Prevent

  10. 10
    • Physiological Differences

    • The Menstrual Cycle and Effects on Performance

    • Menstrual Cycle and Nutrition - Important Considerations

    • Key Nutrients to Pay Attention to

    • Supplements

    • Food Cravings

    • The Female Athlete Triad

  11. 11
    • Introduction

    • Overview of the Key Nutrients

    • Notes on Each Key Nutrient

  12. 12
    • Cramps

    • Training/Competing in the Heat

  13. 13
    • Next Steps

  14. 14
    • Ace Physiotherapy

    • BigBigPlace

    • Fit Orange

    • Garmin

    • Heaven Eat

    • myFITBOX

    • Real Outplay

    • Run6Miles

    • Total Running Club

This course comes complete with:

  • Pre- and post-training nutrition

  • Carbohydrate loading protocols and sample meal plans

  • Supplement guide

  • Optimising diet for vegan/vegetarian athletes

  • Guide to calories, macros and food groups

  • Pantry essentials and quick meal builder guide

  • And more!

Train hard, eat well and make brain gains along the way!

Discover everything you need to know about nutrition and performance!

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Be armed with evidence-based nutrition info

  • Have a solid understanding of basic and performance nutrition

  • Discover how to fuel adequately for training and race day

  • Gain confidence in your food choices

Training to hit a PB at the next event? A weekend long-run/ride? A hard tempo? An at home Zwift session? A Hyrox event? We've got you covered!

Get instant access to all the info in one place so that you can FOCUS on your training!

What are you waiting for?

Let's get started and you'll be on your way to peak performance!

You can complete this course at your own pace from anywhere around the world and it will always be there if you ever need a refresher. As science is progressive and ever changing, this course will be updated from time to time so that you will have access to the latest info!

By purchasing this course, you will be added to a private FB group facilitated by me for support and accountability! You will also be able to mingle with other like-minded people!

Course Reviews

by Karsten Korbel

Awesome course and information with loads of information to digest and to test. The course really fills a major gap in people's education and knowledge on how and what to eat for better performance. Fantastic idea and execution. Loved it!

K Tan

Nutrition for performance is something new to me. You took web learning to the next level. I have not been this excited to learn. The course is worth every penny, and I managed to work towards my goals and improve my performance!


Thanks for such good information to study. Honestly, it can be priced higher. It is also difficult to find a dietitian with a background in endurance sport!


After 21 weeks of Garmin coach training plan, with some trial and error on how to maximise nutrient intake in my training (just started 7 weeks ago)..Alhamdulillah, 21.12km in’s a PB. Thanks Nutrition Track and Adele for introducing me to this course - Nutrition For Endurance Athletes, on how to apply all the nutrition information in my training/ race to reach peak performance (tbh, nutrition is totally a new thing to me)!

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