Are you tired of the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and struggling with cravings and mindless eating? Are you battling with consistency? Are you struggling to find the right amount of food? Are you confused by all the nutrition information out there? Are you looking for a diet that you can sustain for life?

If you can relate to the above, then this course is perfect for you!

I am on a mission to help you understand, discover, create and take charge of your own nutrition path. I want to educate and empower you with all the necessary tools to bring you a step closer to your goals.

Through my work, I find that most people struggle to find a sustainable way of eating, one that is healthy, non-restrictive and in line with their goals and values. This is why I created the First Step Program! This course is designed to help you make SIMPLE and SUSTAINABLE dietary changes that don't require you to rely on willpower.

Healthy eating is more than just eating “healthy foods”. Through this course, you will learn the science behind nutrition, food, mindset, eating behaviour, exercise and how that relates to overall health. You will be guided on how to IMPLEMENT these steps and build solid habits so that your changes are for life!

We are aiming for SUSTAINABILITY. No fads or restrictions!


Dietitian and Nutritionist - Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Sydney); Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Dietitian and Nutritionist (MSc)

Adele Wong

Adele Wong is a part-time fitness coach and a full-time dietitian at Nutrition Track. Through Nutrition Track, she desires to educate and empower individuals to make good nutrition choices. She is also passionate about spreading and communicating evidence-based health, fitness and nutrition information. Appreciating the fact that everyone is on their unique health journey, she uses an integrated approach, taking into account lifestyle, fitness and overall wellbeing. Adele truly understands the importance of an individualised approach and desires to help individuals create and take charge of their own nutrition path. Adele has helped hundreds of clients optimise their nutrition by helping them build better habits and improving their relationship with food. Apart from work, Adele is actively involved in leading community runs and workouts. Find out more about her on her Instagram @adelewlp

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dieter, this course will provide you with the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals and transform your relationship with food.

With the right strategies, a healthy lifestyle can be achieved without sacrificing what is important to you.

Course Highlights

  • Evidence-Based

    Knowledge, tips and strategies that are backed by science!

  • Fun Learning

    Effective learning through infographics, tables, tip sheets and guides!

  • Lifetime Access

    One-time purchase! It will always be there if you ever need a refresher!

  • Updates

    This course will be updated from time to time so that you will always have access to the latest info!

  • Exclusive Support Group

    Need additional support? We are here for you!

When it comes to nutrition, it can be difficult to decide WHERE to begin. The First Step Course breaks it all down into bite size steps and provides all the tools that you need to kickstart your journey. 

The 8-week course is designed to take you through 8 important phases. Each day, there will be a nugget of information and you will be given a task that will be in line with the weekly theme. Yes, you will be encouraged to take action RIGHT AWAY!

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome Video

    • Introduction

    • 8-Week Overview

  2. 2
    • Healthy Eating Guide

    • Portion Control Guide

    • Tracking Guide

    • Habit Worksheet

    • Move Calendar

    • Weekly Reflection Sheet

    • Managing Expectations

  3. 3
    • Week 1 Introduction

    • Monday - Goals and Values

    • Tuesday - Clean Up

    • Wednesday - Trigger foods

    • Thursday - Snacks

    • Friday - Water

    • Saturday - Grocery shopping

    • Sunday - Meal planning/prepping

    • End of week 1 summary

  4. 4
    • Week 2 Introduction

    • Monday - Go slow

    • Tuesday - 80%

    • Wednesday - No distractions

    • Thursday - Hunger levels

    • Friday - Managing stress

    • Saturday - The pause

    • Sunday - Put them down

    • End of week 2 summary

  5. 5
    • Week 3 Introduction

    • Monday - Vegetables

    • Tuesday - Fruit

    • Wednesday - Protein

    • Thursday - Dairy

    • Friday - Pro- or prebiotic rich food

    • Saturday - Food rules

    • Sunday - New recipe

    • End of week 3 summary

  6. 6
    • Week 4 Introduction

    • Monday - No electronics before bed

    • Tuesday - Sun time

    • Wednesday - Relax

    • Thursday - Positive affirmation

    • Friday - Coffee

    • Saturday - Sleep

    • Sunday - Omega-3 rich food

    • End of week 4 summary

  7. 7
    • Week 5 Introduction

    • Monday - Eating routine

    • Tuesday - Workout routine

    • Wednesday - Bedtime

    • Thursday - Pre-bed routine

    • Friday - Sunlight exposure

    • Saturday - "Fasting"

    • Sunday - Planning

    • End of week 5 summary

  8. 8
    • Week 6 Introduction

    • Monday - Strength training

    • Tuesday - Physical activity

    • Wednesday - Move

    • Thursday - Non-aesthetic reasons to workout

    • Friday - Stretching

    • Saturday - NEAT

    • Sunday - "Exercise snacks"

    • End of week 6 summary

  9. 9
    • Week 7 Introduction

    • Monday - Reflection and re-evaluation

    • Tuesday - Self Identity

    • Wednesday - Setbacks

    • Thursday - Go-to options

    • Friday - Motivation

    • Saturday - Achievements

    • Sunday - The Minimum List

    • End of week 7 summary

  10. 10
    • Week 8 Introduction

    • Monday - Love

    • Tuesday - 1 good thing

    • Wednesday - Gratitude

    • Thursday - Smile

    • Friday - Accomplishment

    • Saturday - A challenge

    • Sunday - Environment

    • End of week 8 summary

  11. 11
    • Are all calories created equal?

    • Fat loss and diets

    • The concept of "fat burning"

    • How to boost metabolism?

    • Why do I have a slow metabolism?

    • Activity trackers: Are they accurate?

    • Fat loss progress: What to expect?

    • If I start a new diet, how much will I lose and how long will it take to see results?

    • The menstrual cycle: PMS, food cravings and training

    • The keto diet: My thoughts and the evidence

    • Managing Cholesterol

    • Level Up Your Meals

    • Top Tips for Travelling/Holiday

    • How to Navigate Eating Out and Social Events

    • Emotional Eating - Breaking The Cycle

    • Processed Foods - Yes? No?

  12. 12
    • Next Steps

This course comes complete with:

  • Healthy Eating Guide: Food Groups, Calories and Macronutrients

  • Meal Planner

  • Habit Worksheet & Habit Tracker

  • Hand & Plate Portion Guide

  • Setting Your Environment Up For Success Guide

  • Move calendar and more!

What are you waiting for?

Let's get started and you will be on your way to your healthiest and best life!

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Set clear goals and values

  • Be equipped with evidence-based knowledge and skills to make good food choices

  • Apply effective and lasting strategies to manage food, weight, life and overall health

  • Discover the right foods in the right amounts for you and your goals

  • Have the right mindset, and establish a healthy relationship with food and exercise

  • Create a solid healthy routine

  • Build robust habits and behaviours around food, exercise and health

  • Gain control and confidence in your food choices

You can complete this course at your own pace from anywhere around the world and it will always be there if you ever need a refresher.

By purchasing this course, you will be added to a private FB group facilitated by me for support and accountability! You will also be able to mingle with other like-minded people!

First Step Testimonials


"I was terrified of putting myself out there and asking for help, but I decided to take part in Nutrition Track’s First Step Program over the first four weeks of January. Now the program has ended, I can honestly say it has changed my life! 5.5kg down and 9cm gone off my waist are the physical changes, but it’s the mental and emotional changes I have noticed being my biggest achievements – funny how food can make you feel! Adele’s approach to nutrition, health and wellness is both encouraging, enjoyable and most importantly, sustainable. Adele was always easy to contact and there to talk through things if I needed. That, and the support of the online Facebook community we had, was amazing. I can’t thank Adele enough for all her hard work creating the First Step program. If you’re lucky enough to get to participate in one of these programs, you’ll get to see the hard work, dedication and passion Adele has for her craft – you can’t lose."


"I had the opportunity to work together with Nutrition Track since Day 1 and Adele has definitely changed my life. She created a personalised nutrition and fitness program for me to cater specifically to my needs. I have learned a lot through my engagement with Nutrition Track and my knowledge about food choices and portions has expanded and I am now making better decisions about food and fitness. The wonderful thing about Nutrition Track's program is that I never feel like I am on a restrictive diet. I enjoy the food that I consume and I get my cake and eat it too. It has been more than 2 years since I have changed my lifestyle and I am still going strong; no "yo-yo dieting lapses" like what you normally go through with conventional diet programs. At the moment in my 40's, I am healthier, fitter and stronger than I ever was in my 20's. Recently, I participated in a "refresher" via NT's #firststepprogram together with other participants and the knowledge shared and good habits gained are priceless. If you're looking to change your lifestyle, look no further --> Get onto Nutrition Track's First Step Program and take control of your life. Well done, Adele!"


"This is my first time joining the First Step program by Nutrition Track. I was having issues with my weight like forever. I lose weight, then I gained weight and it has been in a plateau for months. I couldn't figure out why until I joined this program. There are no food restrictions, I can still eat my fav food. I learned that it is all about portions. I also learned the way of eating, how to manage stress (without leading to overeating) and how sleep is important. I lost about 4kg in a month during this program and looking forward to lose more. I am now changing my habits and continue my weight loss journey based on the guidance from Adele. I hope I can be consistent and achieve my goals. Thank you Nutrition Track! Thank you Adele!"


"Thank you so much Adele! I was a bit skeptical at first but since my sister (Lyana) was looking forward to this programme, I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did! At the end of the day, it is really up to you whether you want to make that one decision to lead a healthy lifestyle. And I'm proud to say that I made the right decision. This programme has taught me how to do it slowly but steadily; it is not about how fast you get the weight that you want but how you can maintain it after."


"The First Step program was simple but very effective. I learned a lot of nutrition facts from this program and also some tips to help with my weight. It is a good way to start to achieve my health goals."


"I joined the First Step program in July 2019 because I wanted to explore ways to change my lifestyle especially eating habits which is my greatest weakness. I didn’t want dieting because that didn’t help me. I gained back everything and more. I wanted some structure that I can follow and to be able to sustained that long term on my own. This program has helped me to do that. The key things I learned from this program is keeping a balance between eating portions, eating healthy and giving myself treats. I lost 5% of my total body weight in one month, which is great! And I continue to maintain it with the ways I learned from this program. Adele has been very kind to work out my program, keeping in touch when I go dark sometimes and her sharing on her website and Facebook are simple yet fantastic." I highly recommend this simple one month program to those who wants to do something about their life and wants to have something sustainable. Everyone can do it!"


"NT First Step is not just about losing weight, it is about understanding between what your body needs and what your body wants. My greatest accomplishment as a NT First Step graduate is the awareness on my nutrition needs."

Chan, R

"What I like most about this program is that I am taught just to adjust my habits and lifestyle, and that I can naturally make a change in my diet and fitness. Nutrition Track does not have food that is off limits. It is all about portion control, variety of nutrients and habits in eating and fitness, which I find it more realistic compared to most programs."


"Adele is great in providing guidance regarding serving measurements and portion control that can easily be practised anywhere. The support and camaraderie that you get from the Facebook group also helps in sustaining the journey – you know you are never alone and Adele also keeps track of our comments and is always very encouraging. Most importantly, I learned that an occasional over consumption is not the end of the world – we just balance it out with proper portion control after. The daily challenge also helps a lot in motivating us to keep track of our progress and to keep improving."


"The First Step Program provides all the necessaries for us to take the first step towards healthy living. The program provides pre-reads that would help us understand and be ready to start the program. Adele is ever so knowledgeable, science-based, very friendly and helpful in answering questions and guiding us."


  • I cannot give up my favourite treats (ice cream/cookies/chocolates etc), will I be able to have them while on this program?

    The short answer: Yes, you certainly can! No foods are ever off limits. Long answer: Eating more highly processed foods might mean that you are depriving your body of key nutrients to function at its best. Plus, these foods do not keep you full and satisfied. The focus will be on eating nutrient rich minimally processed wholefoods with some wiggle room for the fun stuff! You will learn how to incorporate them! Extra note: This program DOES NOT come with a personalised meal template. However, it comes with a healthy eating guide to help you get started.

  • Will this program work?

    Yes! BUT… only if YOU do! The program is designed to help you understand the fundamentals and take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. Don't worry, I will be there to support you!

  • How long will it take me to complete the program?

    If you follow the daily schedule (which I highly recommend), 8 weeks! However, it is completely self-paced. Go at a pace that you are comfortable with!

  • I will be going on holiday/travelling. Will I still be able to sign up?

    YES! Signing up will give you LIFETIME access to this program! You can start, pause and finish whenever you want. Plus, this program is designed to help you navigate through life (work/family/parties/events/holidays/stress/etc) and how to “stay on track” when conditions are not PERFECT, which is most of the time!

  • How is the First Step Program different from other programs?

    The First Step Program is a habit and behaviour based program that is designed to help you create a sustainable lifestyle that will last a lifetime. This is NOT a diet. No foods are off limits and you are not on a rigid meal plan.

  • Will this program be suitable if I am not new to nutrition and have some basic knowledge?

    We have had some individuals who fall into this category and they still benefited from the program!

Nutrition Track reserves the right and has full discretion to refuse any applicants to the First Step program and all other e-mails, programs, services, and/or products associated with, arising from and in connection with the First Step program.